Welcome To Center City Properties

Welcome To Center City Properties

Center City Properties is a Detroit-based leasing, sales and property management team with the personal knowledge and experience of the market, local prominence, experience and reputation for managing and marketing quality urban properties. We have many apartments for rent and sale in Detroit.

We have assembled Detroit’s best sales and leasing professionals and support them with an independent administration and maintenance infrastructure to allow them to market and deliver quality, locally-branded product in this high-demand environment.

Center City Properties believes in Detroit and is supporting the re-birth and redevelopment of a great city.  Our Director of Sales and Leasing has been a long-time resident of Detroit.  We hire local people for our team.  We have our offices in Midtown and Downtown.  We support our community.  Having team members living and working in this market will continue to give us the knowledge and experience to gain information that will help our clients be successful and to give our residents a better living experience.

We are investing our money, our time, and our efforts in Detroit.

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